Thursday, February 25, 2010

bedroom book shot

A sexy Amanda K. Morgan is caught in her bedroom (gasp!) with SUZANNE YOUNG'S THE NAUGHTY LIST (GASP!). It's hard to tell if Mandy's making the book hotter or if the book is making Mandy hotter. Sometimes it doesn't matter.

(I'm actually totally making up that this is her bedroom, but JUST GO WITH IT, OK?)


Okay, just for the record: a long hiatus means the Crew is busy, not that we've deserted you. WE WOULD NEVER DESERT YOU. So hitch up your stockings, folks--it's going to be a RIDE FULL OF FABULOUS.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


NOTE: It's 2012 and we're still getting comments about this, so I just would like to say--yes, we know this is a fake picture and we don't need anyone else to point out that this book came out after Cobain's death. I do think it's hilarious that this blog has been defunct for over two years but people are still commenting to correct an error. OH NO SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET! :)

I always knew Kurt Cobain was fashion-forward, but I never knew how truly daring and innovative he was. Check out this pic: he is sporting not only a book (A YEAR IN THE LIFE OF THE MAN WHO FELL ASLEEP, by GREG STEKELMAN), but also the only accessory that sexifies a man even more than a book--a kitten.

Combining them? Pure awesome. Are all you men paying attention out there?

Jim "the Hot" Morrison

You thought Jim Morrison was hot before? Here he is holding a book. I have no idea what he's reading, but will you LOOK at all those WORDS.


EDIT: How many times can Grace use the word "hot" in one post?? Tune in next week...

Things got kind of busy for the Glam Crew over the long weekend, but we're still in business! Stay tuned for more hotness--coming soon to an interweb near you.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hot books, Hot Kirk

Double feature!

We love us some Chris Pine here at Glam Book Shots, and Chris Pine loves him some books. SO. We'll give him some extra love today.

Picture #1! Chris Pine being hot with a hot book subtly hidden between a planner and a binder. It's okay for your accessories to be subtle when you're that hot.

And Chris Pine #2! Okay, okay, he doesn't actually seem to have a real book in this picture but--there are notebooks! And have we mentioned he's hot? We'll bend the rules slightly. Okay then.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

making difficult fashion look easy

SIGHTED! The elusive upside-down xtreme reader, rarely captured on film. Who knows what he is reading--we are lucky just to have found him!

(shout-out at tony2punk, who has lots of other awesome photos on his site.)

a man and his book

Behind every great man is a great book. Here, we see Alfred Hitchcock reading DAPHNE DU MAURIER's famous novel REBECCA to his assistant Joan Harrison, prior to making the bok into a really kick-ass film. We would like to report that those curtains will NOT be making a fashion comeback.

(image credit: LIFE)

Friday, February 12, 2010

XtrEME Royal Reading

Here we have Prince Jace showing off his crazy-cool "reading upside down" ability for which he is becoming known around the world. Check it!

Glam suspects this book is 'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, but sources are vague.

(thanks to Kristi for the pic!)

Classic Glam: Girl Reading

VERY classic: coming straight at you from the eighteenth century, a YOUNG GIRL READING a book (title and author unknown--if you have an idea, drop us a line!). Captured on oil by Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

According to insiders in the fashion industry, this "big poofy yellow dress with book" look is going to be HUGE in Paris next year. You heard it here first.

Princess R shows us how it's done

The mysterious Princess Rhiannon has been discovered reading a book about VAMPIRES. You will note that she is sitting on a zebra-print chair, showing that this young princess really knows how to accessorize. The Princess is widely expected to be on People Magazine's Most-Awesome list this year.

(special thanks to Kristi for the picture)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Spotted in Malibu: Pamela Anderson reading ANNE ELIZABETH MOORE's book UNMARKETABLE: BRANDALISM, COPYFIGHT, MOCKETING, AND THE EROSION OF INTEGRITY. I was going to look up the designer of the swimsuit, but I'm pretty sure that's actually a handkerchief.


We need some more skin here at Glam Book Shots, no?

Here we have HANNAH MOSKOWITZ (well-known author of BREAK) and her favorite sister ABBY MOSKOWITZ, relaxing at Bethany Beach in Delaware. The third person is an unknown male model rumored to be romantically linked to Hannah Moskowitz. Their hot accessories on this hot day are INDIGO'S STAR by Hilary McKay and a green bag.

Insiders tell Glam Books that Moskowitz is indeed reading the book aloud.

And just a reminder, everyone: you can follow us on twitter! Stay up-to-date on today's hottest book sightings!


Everyone's favorite feline, GARFIELD, is caught reading FUN STORIES (author unknown).


The Snowpocalypse struck and the power went out, but we still managed to snag a pic of ghost hunter to the stars MaryBeth Mulhall reading BREAK by Hannah Moskowitz. Don't ask how we did it. There are no lengths to which our team won't go to bring YOU pictures of celebrities and their books.

BOOKS! trendy even among the very young

Time for some adorable children IN ACTION.

First up: Monroe Hanson is actively sleeping, and Truman Hanson is actively reading the Berenstain Bears book NO GIRLS ALLOWED.

And second, action shot of Everett Hanson reading while rolling down the stairs. Now that's dedication.

(special thanks to Sarah Gilbert for the photos!)

reading on a COUCH! of all places.

Spotted reading on some truly gorgeous pillows: talent scout Sumayyah, reading Burnt Offerings by Laurel K. Hamilton. Shoes by Gucci.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Even pop stars dig fashion's hottest accessory. Here we have BRITNEY SPEARS reading THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE by C.S. Lewis--and driving?? Oh no, Britney.

(and yes, I realize that both this picture and the head-shaving joke are like 3 years old. was this blog around then? no.)


Kids grow up so fast these days. Here are those world-renowned ruffians JABBER and MONKEY (sons of the inimitable Elissa Hoole), spotted reading THE NAUGHTY LIST by Suzanne Young.

INTERNATIONAL SIGHTING: Chuck Palahniuk in Italy

She's trying to hide behind her rock star hair, but there's no doubt that this is YA superstar writer HANNAH MOSKOWITZ, leaning against a building in Florence, Italy and reading Chuck Palahniuk's STRANGER THAN FICTION.


Rockstar teacher ELISSA HOOLE was caught reading THE NAUGHTY LIST by Suzanne Young--instead of teaching! How Naughty!

Marilyn Monroe reading ULYSSES

File this under CLASSIC GLAM: Marilyn Monroe reading ULYSSES by James Joyce.


A group of celebrity authors were caught reading BREAK by Hannah Moskowitz. Left-to-right: CYNTHEA LIU, LISA SCHROEDER, CINDY PON, and TAMMI SAUER.