Monday, June 14, 2010

a golden girl shines

BETTY WHITE is one of the hottest things going right now--and no wonder! Just look at her fashion sense. Our crew caught her reading FROM PEANUT TO PRESIDENT, about some dude. With a picture of some other dude on it. Whatever. BETTY WHITE!

Photo from here.

books--hot AND useful

We thought this was just a picture of a hot 40s HOUSEWIFE reading a COOKBOOK and trying not to drop her pan. BUT NO. It turns out "this photo (1942) was used by the Office of War Information to show how to conserve gas. The cook is wasting gas by reading a recipe while the burner is on." WHO KNEW? Glam Books--now with Education!

How to conserve household gas. There's a time for everything, and the time to read a cookbook is before you light the gas, not after. Burners should not be lit until the cooking utensil is ready for the flame. Whenever possible, use low heat; whenever practical, use direct heat rather than a double boiler.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

a sith lord reads about a dark lord

Hunting down the rebel forces can be tiring even for the most dedicated Sith Lord. Our cameras caught DARTH VADAR taking a break and reading about another Dark Lord in HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS. If we call him "hot" will he force-strangle us?

Picture from here, check it out for other awesomeness including a Hello Kitty Darth.

it's good to be the queen

All her foibles aside, I've always been kind of a QUEEN ELIZABETH II fan because the way she does her hair reminds me of my grandmother. And you know she's always fashionable in her monocolor outfits. And now, she's finally found the perfect accessory--a book! Here she is with QUEEN ELIZABETH THE QUEEN MOTHER: THE OFFICIAL BIOGRAPHY, about her mum. The book seems to weigh as much as she does, but she's not letting that stop her. Rock on, Your Majesty!

Pic from here.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

the walking hotness

The paparazzi caught this ZOMBIE reading THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE--wait, if you're already a zombie isn't it a little late for that book? Whatever. Books make even the undead hot, so we approve!

Photos taken by SocioTom at Boston's recent zombie walk. Thanks Tom! (more zombie pics on the other side of that link, btw--check it out!)

superman cutie--hot in training!

A young girl rumored to be named KATHY (we're going purely on the url of the photo, here--these are the mad Glam Detective Skillz at work, yo) has been photographed here in her living room reading SUPERMAN. Adorable blond curls and a Superman comic? This girl's going to grow up to be a minx for sure.

(And we hope those crutches aren't permanent! Really we have no clue where the whoop this picture comes from, so let us know if you have any ideas.)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

triple the fun--but where's pokey?

Even everyone's favorite talking clay thingamabob knows about this season's hottest accessory. We've captured GUMBY on film reading not one, not two, but THREE books. But Gumbs darling, we're a little ahh concerned by some of your reading material. Do you need a hug?

($0.35? Books were really $0.35 once?)

no objections here

From our "Super-Duper Obscure Celebrities" file, today we have old-skool PERRY MASON and DELLA STREET reading what I presume is A HUGE LAW BOOK. In this incarnation (CBS daily radio show) the two characters are represented by John Larkin and Joan Alexander. The old picture's kind of hard to make out but look how BIG his book is. We always knew Perry was hot.

Photo from the New York Public Library via The Perry Mason TV Show Book.

P.S. Apologies to those of you got a sneak preview of this photo last night--apparently there's a keyboard shortcut for "publish." Who knew?

Monday, May 24, 2010

awesomeness caught on camera!

Our spycams (we're everywhere) caught the reclusive celebrity acrobat shark-trainer* @Bacillusk somewhere between Sweden and Belgium, reading HURRY DOWN SUNSHINE by MICHAEL GREENBERG. Inside sources reveal that the creature sitting next to her is none other than her partner in crime, stuffed bumblebee Klas-Göran.

*just go with it.

the hottest accessory on land or on air

For once, RINGO STARR is the hottest Beatle. We caught him here reading an UNIDENTIFIED BOOK on an aeroplane trip with George Harrison and others. 99% of the reason that previous sentence exists is so we could use the word "aeroplane." Oh look, we did it again!

Keep it sexy, Ringo.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


She's try to stay undercover (see what I did there?) but the Twitter-renowned detective @theblacklily has been caught reading NECESSARY LIES by KERRY NEVILLE BAKKEN. Research for a case? Either way, nothing like a good book to make a girl look FAB.

where have all the good men gone?

The only things that makes a hot man hotter is a good book and a sidelong glance. Here is a young MARLON BRANDO reading a designer we don't recognize (do YOU know?) and looking cool with a capital OOH.

Monday, May 17, 2010

books: even hot in OUTER SPACE


I don't know WHO this is or WHAT HE IS READING, but he is ON THE MOON.

That's pretty superstar right there. (haha, get it? stars? moon? hahaha I kill me.)

triple the hotness

Here we have not one, not two, but THREE MORGAN FREEMANS reading A HUGE BOOK. Can you just imagine his voice in stereo? Supertastic.

And the most important thing to take away from this shot? No matter what you do to yourself (even if what you're doing is the '70s) books can make you hot.

By the way, for kicks and giggles, here's where that still is from.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

we always knew she was fab

She sings. She acts. She has her own theme park. Her wigs and her breasts are the stuff of legend.

She is, obviously, DOLLY PARTON.

We here at Glam adore the Dolly One, and we are thrilled to see her sporting some hot hot hot accessories this season.

Here she is decked out in some sextastic glasses and THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD--with her suit color-coordinated to the engine. Dolly's just TOO stylish for words.

And here she is with another childhood favorite, THE TALES OF PETER RABBIT:

And finally, for good measure, Dolly shows you another way to accessorize with books--and with pink bandana trim to boot:
We love you, Dolly.